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NAEN Classified Costing Model Demonstration    

NAEN Teacher/Faculty Costing Model Demonstration

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What Does the Model Do?

It is more important than ever to have accurate projections of labor costs when bargaining multiple-year collective bargaining agreements. But it can be difficult, at the bargaining table, to be able to reasonably establish the relative cost of different proposals.

Now you can quickly enter your district's data into a spreadsheet and instantly get total-compensation cost information including cost-of-living-increases, step increments, longevity costs, stipends, associated payroll costs, insurance benefits, and extra duty. And you can analyze that information for up to five years at a time.

The NAEN Proposal Costing Model Software will allow you quickly and easily model different proposals and assess the total compensation impact of each proposal. NAEN offers two software versions:

  • Teacher/Faculty Model- can accommodate salary schedules with a maximum of 30 steps and 12 columns.
  • Classified Model- can accommodate wage schedules with a maximum of 20 steps and an unlimited number of job classifications.

What District Information is needed?

The models provide user-friendly data-entry forms so you can easily and quickly enter your district’s information for:

  • Salary guides and wage schedules, step increments, longevity and performance stipends;
  • A list of each staff person and their placement on the schedules and FTE (full time equivalent);
  • Insurance plan and group information on premiums and district contributions;
  • Extra duty schedules and placement, if needed.

What-If Analysis is Easy!

The model allows multiple year total compensation comparisons with a variety of variables including:

  • Across-the-board increases to salary
  • One or more steps to all eligible staff
  • Finding a base percent increase for a targeted cost
  • Assessing Longevity costs
  • Adjusting the index for uniform step and lane adjustments
  • Adjusting individual lane/step salaries
  • Allow for differentials for individuals staff
  • Adjust premiums for multiple plans yearly and by employer contributions
  • Allows budget code compatibility
  • Allows to add or delete staff on a year to year basis

The models come on a CD with easy-to-follow written instructions, sample models and a tutorial. The models are $450 each for a single user license; and $900 each for an unlimited user license.  NAEN members receive a 10% discount.

How Does the Model Do It?

The models are a macro-driven Excel workbooks with multiple spreadsheets. It has been designed for users familiar with Microsoft Excel. The software requires a Windows-based computer with Microsoft Excel 2003 or 2007, a 330 MHz or faster Pentium IV processor, a CD drive and a minimum 512 MB of RAM to use the models.

NAEN Teacher/Faculty Costing Model Demonstration

NAEN Classified Costing Model Demonstration

Order by simply sending an email with your contact information to:

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